The first ever Pledgeball event

At 10.15am on 21st September at Marlwood School, Bristol 7 men’s and 7 women’s teams competed to win the first Pledgeball trophies.

The tournament was open to all so long as the players made a pledge. A pledge to make a change that helps the planet. 

In the end, the teams that triumphed were FC Porto Cabin for the men’s and Misfits 1 for the women’s (although special mention must go to Bodge It). CONGRATULATIONS!

The greatest accolade, though, goes to El Grande Papas, who pledged to save 57,957 KgCO2e over 1 year, the equivalent of taking almost 4 cars off the road for a year, saving 1,796 gallons of petrol or powering almost 3 homes for 1 year.

One thought on “The first ever Pledgeball event”

  1. This is a fantastic idea and very practical way to engage in small changes which add up to make a big difference. Congratulations-and very best wishes for the future of Pledgeball.

    Can you get professional clubs on board as well to help spread the word to a greater number of people?

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