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Category Description Estimated Kg CO2E per year
BathroomUse recycled toilet paper
Carbon footprintCalculate your carbon footprint and make the change that would reduce it the most
Pay into a carbon offsetting scheme
Plant some trees
DietGo vegan
Go vegan for two days a week.
Go vegetarian
Plant your own vegetable garden
Reduce meat consumption by 50% (especially beef and lamb)
Reduce your dairy consumption by 50%
Use a milk alternative, or no milk at all!
Food milesBuy groceries only from in-country suppliers
Buy only seasonal, locally-produced food
Food wasteBuy a food and garden waste bin like HotBin
Compost your food waste
Cook your leftovers and minimise your food waste
Great outdoorsDo a beach clean
Do a litter pick on your street
Home ecoDefrost your freezer and descale your kettle
Draught proof your home
Get a home energy audit
Hang your washing out instead of using the tumble dryer
Install a programmable thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves
Keep your thermostat at 19 degrees
Set a 5-minute timer for your showers
Wash at 30 degrees
Home electricsInstall solar panels or solar thermal
Keep chargers, TVs and computers off at the wall
Only buy appliances with a good energy efficiency rating
Switch to energy efficient light bulbs
Home resuablesReplace kitchen roll with cut up rags or reusable kitchen towels
OtherOther Pledge. Please specify:
Out and aboutTake bottles, jars and tupperware to shops for refills of dry goods, fruit, veg and home cleaning pr
Use a reusable bottle instead of buying bottled water
Use an eco-cup for hot drinks on the go
PackagingBuy big packs of snacks instead of multi-packs, and split them into reusable containers at home
If you think the council could offer more recycling services, write and tell them
Recycle everything you can
Register and put a sign on your door to ask for no junk mail.
Packaging and plasticTurn down plastic freebie toys or return them to shops
Personal HygieneUse a flannel or reusable face wipes instead of single-use wipes.
Use a shampoo bar instead of a bottle
Use eco-friendly nappies
Use ecofriendly menstrual products (cups, reusable pads, underwear etc.)
ShoppingBuy only second-hand items where possible
Buy vintage and second-hand clothes
Buy wood etc from reclamation yards etc
Gift green: buy only eco-friendly or second hand presents
SuppliersBuy breakdown cover from a carbon neutral company
Invest your money in environmentally friendly companies
Switch to a green energy supplier
Switch to an environmentally-friendly bank
When staying in holiday accommodation, write and ask them to take measures to be green
TransportCar share
Commit to no more than 1 return flight per year, and offset your emissions for it
Cycle to work
Give up flying
Make your next car an electric car
Use an eBike instead of driving for journeys around the city
Use public transport instead of driving
Walk or cycle if the journey is under 2 miles
WaterInstall a grey water (water from baths and sinks) recycling unit
Install a rainwater recycling unit
Install a water butt to water the garden
Install a water meter
Use waste water (eg from cooking vegetables) for watering plants