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How many fans support your team? Together, what can you do?

Search for your team, choose your fixture and click on your team to pledge. 

The potential impact of you and your fellow fans is HUGE. 

Did you know that one Wembley’s worth of fans limiting their showers to 5 minutes would save the same amount of CO2e as taking over 6,000 cars off the road?

You and your fellow fans have the power to have a huge impact, and protect the planet for future generations.

Time to get pledging, outdo the efforts of your opponents and climb the Pledgeball League table.

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Your Pledgeball Fixtures Questions Answered

  • Can I pledge the same thing for different fixtures? Yes! If this is a pledge you’re focusing on – fantastic. This will contribute towards your team’s scores for the fixture, but will only be counted once for the accumulated score that determines your team’s place in the Pledgeball league.
  • How long do I have to carry out the pledge for to save the amount of CO2e it says I’ve saved? The calculation is the amount of CO2e you’ll save in a year if you switch to carrying out this pledge. For example, if you’ve pledged to eat vegan for two days per week, it is the amount you’d save if you carried on doing this for the year.
  • My team’s not on here – are only certain teams involved? We would love any and every team at every stage of the football pyramid to be involved. Most of the football fixtures listed here are automated but we can feed in other team’s fixtures manually – please just contact us because we’d love to include your team.