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How many fans support your team? Together, what can you do?

Search for your team, choose your fixture and click on your team to pledge. 

The potential impact of you and your fellow fans is HUGE. 

Did you know that one Ashton Gate stadium’s worth of Bristol City fans pledging to limit their showers to 5 minutes would save the same amount of CO2e as taking over 2000 cars off the road?

You and your fellow fans have the power to have a huge impact, and protect the planet for future generations.

Time to get pledging, and outdo the efforts of your opponents.

Missing football during lockdown? So are we – that’s why we created the Pledgeball (Virtual) Lockdown League. Support a team by finding the Pledgeball Lockdown League Fixtures below and be entered into our prize draw for your chance to win a prize, ranging from a goody bag from Harriet’s of Hove to 1:1 online personal training for a month. For details, terms and conditions click here