1. Film yourself receiving a pass from an existing #passthepledgeball submission
  2. Showcase your own skills
  3. Pass the ball on for the next player
  4. Tag someone to receive your pass and tag #passthepledgeball

Optional make a pledge for the planet here, while you’re at it! Plant your own veg garden, descale your kettle….the choice is endless….or at least extensive

The first ever Pledgeball event

At 10.15am on 21st September at Marlwood School, Bristol 7 men’s and 7 women’s teams competed to win the first Pledgeball trophies.

The tournament was open to all so long as the players made a pledge. A pledge to make a change that helps the planet. 

In the end, the teams that triumphed were FC Porto Cabin for the men’s and Misfits 1 for the women’s (although special mention must go to Bodge It). CONGRATULATIONS!

The greatest accolade, though, goes to El Grande Papas, who pledged to save 57,957 KgCO2e over 1 year, the equivalent of taking almost 4 cars off the road for a year, saving 1,796 gallons of petrol or powering almost 3 homes for 1 year.