Why are we doing all this?

The planet is in trouble, which means so are we, which means so is football.

Scientists are far better at explaining the causes and negative effects than we are, so we’ve left some links below. But we do know that the effects of climate change are already affecting people’s lives, causing drought, flooding and food shortages.

There’s a problem, but if enough people care just enough to make a tiny change, the collective change will be huge.

BBC: Climate change: Sport heading for a fall as temperatures rise


National Geographic

Friends of the Earth



We are members of a Bristol football team, The Misfits WFC (@misftswfc). And we want to save the planet.  

We believe there is power in numbers, and there are numbers in football. We want to harness the power of the millions of players and fans around the world to help protect the planet from irreversible damage. We want to encourage millions of people to commit to making a small change in their own lives, so that collectively, we can protect the planet.

The power, influence and sheer size of the football community mean that this impact would be HUGE.